GastroPlus® Lecture Series Part III: DDI Predictions with Viera Lukacova

Authors: Lukacova V, Zheng Y
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus


This GastroPlus® webinar hosted by Viera Lukacova, Director of Simulation Sciences, provides an overview of modeling and simulation in DDI risk assessment in the early discovery stage through regulatory interactions.

The objectives of this complimentary lecture are to:
(1) Provide an overview of metabolism- and transporter-based DDI modeling capabilities in GastroPlus simulation software
(1) Discuss “best practices” in the development and validation of PBPK models for DDI predictions to support regulatory decision-making
(2) Share case examples applying PBPK modeling and simulation that highlight the opportunities and limitations of this approach

By Viera Lukacova, Yujuan Zheng

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