GastroPlus® v9.7 Release Webinar

Authors: Lukacova V
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus

GastroPlus is a mechanistically based simulation software package that simulates intravenous, oral, oral cavity, ocular, inhalation, dermal/ subcutaneous, and intramuscular absorption, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodyanmics, and DDIs in human and animal populations. This smoothly integrated platform combines a user-friendly interface with powerful science to help you make faster and more informed project decisions!

What’s new in version 9.7?
• ADD lysosomal trapping effect to PBPK tissues
• NEW mechanistic pregnancy PBPK model (with fetus compartments)
• NEW multiple solubility inputs for different drug forms (crystalline, amorphous within single simulations)
• NEW models of standard compounds (substrates/inhibitors/inducers) in the DDI Module
• DEFINE different fed state conditions based on meal type
• ALLOW different tissue model types (perfusion- or permeability-limited) between parent and metabolites or victim/perpetrator in metabolite tracking/DDI simulations
• NEW PK-PD model additions to PDPlus™ Module
• UPDATES to the dermal absorption (TCAT™) model through Cosmetics Europe collaboration

Viera Lukacova, Ph.D
Director of Simulations Sciences

Dan O’Connor
Business Development Director

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