GPX™ The Next Level PBPK Platform

Software: GastroPlus®

It’s here—the latest version of GastroPlus®, GPX. And this is your chance to see it in action.

GPX offers a completely redesigned and intuitive interface, faster processing, and streamlined workflows—while still providing the same science, models, and refined algorithms you rely on.

In this webinar, our experts will show you how to…
• Conveniently apply ready-made templates to quickly start your modeling work
• Rapidly evaluate different dosing scenarios with simplified scheduling
• Compare scenarios with interactive diagrams
• Easily dose multiple compounds to multiple virtual patient populations in a single simulation run
• Intuitively create high-level summaries and deep-dive views of your predictions
• Effortlessly stay organized with a virtual lab book and enhanced note functions
• Promptly receive model-building guidance and set-up re

– Viera Lukacova, Chief Science Officer, PBPK Solutions
– John DiBella, President, PBPK Solutions & Cheminformatics
– Neil Miller, Vice President, Simulation Sciences, PBPK Solutions

– Peter Kilford, Associate Vice President, Software Business Development