The importance of critical micellar concentration for the prediction of solubility enhancement in biorelevant media

Publication: Mol Pharm
Software: ADMET Predictor®


This study evaluated if the intrinsic surface properties of compounds are related to the solubility enhancement (SE) typically observed in biorelevant media like fasted state simulated intestinal fluids (FaSSIF). The solubility of 51 chemically diverse compounds was measured in FaSSIF and in phosphate buffer and the surface activity parameters were determined. This study showed that the compound critical micellarconcentration parameter (CMC) correlates strongly with the solubility enhancement (SE) observed in FaSSIF compared to phosphate buffer. Thus, the intrinsic capacity of molecules to form micelles is also a determinant for each compound’s affinity to the micelles of biorelevantsurfactants. CMC correlated better with SE than lipophilicity (logD), especially over the logD range typically covered by drugs (2 < logD < 4). CMC can become useful to guide drug discovery scientists to better diagnose, improve, and predict solubility in biorelevant media, thereby enhancing oral bioavailability of drug candidates.