In silico Biopharmaceutical Prediction of silver Nanoparticle and Ibuprofen Complex

Authors: Karande KM, Gawade SP
Publication: Research J Pharm and Tech
Software: GastroPlus®


Prevalence of silver nanoparticles in various sectors including healthcare is abundantly increasing. Several research articles are published focusing the synthesis and silver nanoparticle’s activities. Least literature is available about the long-term or short-term health consequences of these nanoparticles. While ionic and nanoparticulate silver are employed in several applications, information on their undesirable health effects are truly extremely scarce and roughly all concluded simply acute effects caused by short-range contact to very elevated doses. Few consequences are argyria and argyrosis, (bluish grey discolorations of skin and eye, respectively). Both situations are caused by the contact to a high dose of silver or to constant short doses of silver used for some months or even years. In contexts of this, we have worked on in silico ADME profile of silver nanoparticles and its complexation with ibuprofen using Gastroplus software. In order to make sure the reliability of in silico model used, we have validated it with the independent data from the literature. Pharmacokinetic parameters, like %Fa, %FDp, %F, Cmax, Tmax, AUC were determined and revealed the superiority of complex against the pure drug.

By  Kailas M. Karande, Shivaji P. Gawade