In silico Methods for Drug Design and Discovery

Publication: Front Chem
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Computer-aided drug design (CADD) methodologies are playing an ever-increasing role in drug discovery that are critical in the cost-effective identification of promising drug candidates. These computational methods are relevant in limiting the use of animal models in pharmacological research, for aiding the rational design of novel and safe drug candidates, and for repositioning marketed drugs, supporting medicinal chemists and pharmacologists during the drug discovery trajectory. Within this field of research, we launched a Research Topic in Frontiers in Chemistry in March 2019 entitled “In silico Methods for Drug Design and Discovery,” which involved two sections of the journal: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. For the reasons mentioned, this Research Topic attracted the attention of scientists and received a large number of submitted manuscripts. Among them 27 Original Research articles, five Review articles, and two Perspective articles have been published within the Research Topic. The Original Research articles cover most of the topics in CADD, reporting advanced in silico methods in drug discovery, while the Review articles offer a point of view of some computer-driven techniques applied to drug research. Finally, the Perspective articles provide a vision of specific computational approaches with an outlook in the modern era of CADD.

By Simone Brogi, Teodorico Castro Ramalho, Kamil Kuca,  José L. Medina-Franco, and Marian Valko