Introducing ILDsym, a New Tool to Facilitate Development of Drugs to Treat Interstitial Lung Disease

Software: ILDsym™
Division: DILIsym Services
Therapeutic Areas: Inflammation

The ILDsym™ QSP modeling software is a mechanistic, mathematical model of interstitial lung disease (ILD) associated with systemic sclerosis (SSc).
ILDsym can be used to predict efficacy for treatment modalities developed for SSc-ILD (and other interstitial lung diseases with custom modifications and additions).
ILDsym has been utilized to:

  • Evaluate compounds in drug development
  • Suppor clinical trial design optimization
  • Clinical development decision-making

Speakers: Lisl Shoda, Associate Vice President and Director of Immunology and Zack Kenz, Sr. Scientist for an insightful presentation and informative Q& A session hosted by Scott Q. Siler, Chief Scientific Officer.