January 2021 GastroPlus Newsletter

Authors: O’Connor D
Software: GastroPlus®

GastroPlus 9.8 has been available for several months now and has been downloaded by many of our licensed users. As we mentioned previously, you can download and install the new version on the same system that has your current platform. Both versions would be available for use (one at a time), which allows recent modeling activity to continue without disruption. If you have challenges that we may assist with, just let us know.

We will also be offering a new update for GastroPlus 9.8.1 later this month that will offer a new suite of validated DDI models and some additional patch and bug enhancements. We look forward to hearing feedback (especially from you folks in ClinPharm) once this update is rolled out!

We are currently finalizing our schedule of 2021 webinars and “virtual meetings” and will share the dates in the coming weeks.

Simulations Plus continues to grow and add new scientists to our family. If you know of someone that would be interested in joining our company please have them contact me or our HR department.

Work also continues with the entirely reimagined GPx platform which is targeted to be introduced later this year…keep tuned in for further announcements.

Lastly, at any time, you may add a module on a trial basis to ascertain if it would have merit for your research. Please do let me know how we may help you and your teams continue to increase both the utility and understanding of GastroPlus.

By Dan O’Connor