January 2024 GastroPlus Newsletter

Software: GastroPlus®

Happy New Year!If it feels like 2024 has begun with a roar, perhaps that’s because it’s the year of the Dragon.Or perhaps that roar is one of excitement—because thanks to your help, input and assistance with beta testing, the new GastroPlus® X is on target for release this spring! Those of you who have seen and tested the new software have expressed enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness to implement it as soon as possible.GPX will advance the science of modeling and simulation and we too are eager and excited to get it to you ASAP.In the near future, we will be reaching out to invite those of you who would like a preview to schedule some time to meet either remotely or in-person to highlight the advantages of the updated platform as well as the transition rollout strategy. As with all previous updates, this new release will not displace previous versions of GastroPlus so that you may continue work-in-progress without interruption.Additional good news: if you’re already behind on your New Year’s resolutions, we can help you keep the one about furthering your professional skills. We are providing a 25% off promo code for two upcoming workshops.

  • GastroPlus Introductory Workshop – Virtual (CET). Use promo code GPJANEB25 (valid through 1/15).
  • GastroPlus Introductory Workshop – Virtual. Use promo code GPMAREB25 (valid through 1/31).

The workshop schedule continues to expand, as well as our on-demand offerings. Here’s what we have coming up:

On-Demand Courses

Did you know that in Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, and health? I hope you are experiencing these in abundance already this year.In the meantime, let me know if you have questions, need support, or any customized training—I am always pleased to help.By Dan O’ Connor