Mathematical Modeling in Industry: Building Models to Advance Drug Development

Authors: Clemens L
Conference: SMB
Software: DILIsym®
Division: DILIsym Services

QSP Modeling: Design

  • QSP models are designed to characterize biological systems, representing details such as disease pathophysiology, drug pharmacology, and pathways of toxicity
  • Models typically depict interactions between drugs and the biological system of interest
  • Software developed by DSSI built using systems of ODEs
    • Systems treated as averaged “well-mixed tanks (or compartments)” across organs  and body systems
    • Mechanistic knowledge of interactions required, can combine with sparse data
  • DSSI models currently designed in MATLAB environment
  • Team investigating C++ and Julia simulation speeds

By Lara Clemens

Presented at SMB 2021 Annual Meeting June 13-17, 2021