Medicinal importance of Ferula asafetida oligo- gum resins against infective diseases

Publication: J Med Plants Studies
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Ferula foetida oligo-gum resin containing phytochemicals with anti-viral properties. In order to investigate medicinal values of ferula assa-foetida a literature searches were performed through PubMed and PMC academic publications. It contains five sesquiterpene cumarines namely, conferone, badrakemin, feslol, isosamarcandin and samarcandin with anti-viral properties against Rhinovirus (HRV) and Influenza A H1N1. Farnesiferol C and Farnesiferol b are novel chemical scaffolds with HRV-2 inhibiting potential at low micromole and mode of inhibition action was prevention of rhinovirus adsorption (HRV-2) and/or uncoating of the capsid of virus. 5′S-hydroxyumbelliprenin and 8′-acetoxy5′S-hydroxyumbelliprenin, methyl galbanate, galbanic acid, farnesiferol-C, farnesiferol-A, conferol showed greater potency against influenza A virus (H1N1) (IC50 0.26-0.86 µg/mL) than amantadine. Several studies demonstrated that cytotoxic and antitumor activity of Galbanic acid. Additionally, exhibits anti-bacterial effects, anti–diabetic effects, anti- fungal, antiulcer genic effect and hypotensive effects. Asafoetida oligo-gum resin will be beneficial in anti-viral drug productions against disease forming viruses.

By Dissanayake KGC, Perera WPRT