Meet our Data Forensics Queen, Rebecca Humphrey!

Division: Cognigen

Rebecca has been a Data Programmer at Cognigen for the last 13 years.  However, she didn’t come to this career by a conventional path.  As a young woman, she had hoped to pursue a degree in Architecture.

As an undergrad at a liberal arts college, Rebecca quickly discovered her interest in science and earned the Freshmen Award in Chemistry for her dedication and hard work. Her scientific thought process naturally led to a transition in her school studies, and she graduated with a degree in Physics. At the same time she was pursuing her degree, she was also working full time at an environmental laboratory specializing in data management. This was where she discovered her love and enthusiasm for data.

Rebecca excels at transforming raw data into aggregated, analysis-ready datasets with a keen eye for detail and an inquisitive disposition.  She is Cognigen’s ‘Data Forensics Queen’, and is frequently consulted with for her deep understanding of the intricacies, formation, and creation of complex datasets.  At Cognigen, she leads teams in constructing datasets for hundreds of pharmacometric consulting projects, including Population Pharmacokinetics (PopPK), Pharmacodynamics(PD), and Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK).

When asked what she loves about Cognigen, she instinctively answers “the people” and describes them as kind, considerate, supportive, and always open to questions and divergent thinking.  Rebecca, in turn, enthusiastically shares her expertise and has become an unofficial mentor to junior staff. It’s this type of work ethic that has led to Cognigen’s commitment to quality and comprehensiveness in data science and for which Cognigen’s clients appreciate Rebecca and the rest of our staff.

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By Lindsay Lehmann and Parinieta Ahuja