NAFLDsym v2A Release Webinar

Authors: Siler SQ
Software: NAFLDsym®
Division: DILIsym Services

As we near the release of NAFLDsym v2A, Simulations Plus will host a webinar on Tuesday, April 9th, to introduce the new capabilities found in this version, capable of exploring and predicting efficacy for novel NASH treatments. NAFLDsym v2A includes mechanistic representation of fibrosis, steatosis, lipotoxicity, and inflammation. Over 1000 simulated patients with variability in their underlying pathophysiology, represent a spectrum of fibrotic disease (F0-F4 stages). Multiple biomarkers (e.g., MRE, MRI, ALT, NAS, Pro-C3) for patient stratification and evaluation of efficacy are included. Evaluation of disease progression or regression in the absence or presence of single/combination treatment are available. Register now to learn how NAFLDsym v2A can support your NAFLD drug development pipeline.

Download Slides Here