NAFLDsym v2B Beta Release is Here: Insight into the Next Gen QSP Software Tool in Julia with Blazing Speed and Updated Interfacing

Software: NAFLDsym®
Division: DILIsym Services

Join us in this webinar to learn about the technical advances made to the NAFLDsym platform in the latest release: version 2B Beta.

Our experts will share details and demonstrations of advances that increase the efficiency with which simulations can be performed in NAFLDsym and improve the user experience. NAFLDsym v2B Beta is built upon a foundation of Julia, providing a substantial boost in simulation speeds. It also employs a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) built with Qt that enables users to readily set up, organize, and run simulations individually or in SimPops. These features, along with methods for customizing platform parameters and equations, are among the highlights of this presentation.

Users interested in deploying this updated version will have the opportunity to submit questions for live answers from key developers and early testers. You won’t want to miss this webinar, so register now.

Brett Howell, President DILIsym Services

Scott Q. Siler, Chief Science Officer
Matthew McDaniel, Scientist II
Corey Berry, Senior Software Engineer
Francisco Huizar, Scientist I