November 2023 GastroPlus Newsletter

Authors: O’Connor D
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: PBPK

Happy Thanksgiving (next week). We have something to be thankful for this month. The expected release of GastroPlus® version 9.9 will be out in December.As is our practice…we invite input from our users as to which updates or additions we should include in upcoming revisions. Thank you for your contributions.Version 9.9 update highlights include:

  • ACAT™ model: ​Add microbiome-mediated conversion kinetics in the luminal fluid of the gut​
  • Biologics Module:​ Allow soluble antigens for large molecules​ and increased flexibility for injection doses when defining dosing schedules using .mdd files​
  • Metabolism and Transporter Module:​ New enzyme/transporter expression level information in different species​
  • ADMET Predictor® Module:  ​Synchronized with ADMET Predictor v11 models​, with new CYP Ki prediction models​
  • ADR Modules: Updates to Ocular, Oral Cavity and Transdermal modules

Our workshop schedule continues to expand. Among the choices, please consider attending the GastroPlus Advanced Workshop: Pharmaceutical Development. We have a phenomenal staff who will be presenting, and the content has proven invaluable to previous attendees. Take a look: Nov. 28th-Dec.1stAdditional Workshops:

In closing, please know that we are genuinely interested in learning what changes, additions, or new features would help accelerate your research…our best ideas for advancing our modeling platforms come from you!Have a great Thanksgiving and let us know if we can help in any way.By Dan O’Connor