Patient-centric design for peptide delivery: Trends in routes of administration and advancement in drug delivery technologies

Publication: Medicine in Drug Discovery
Software: GastroPlus®


Utilizing peptides as therapeutic agents is considered an attractive approach for the treatment of various diseases due to their high binding and selectivity to novel drug targets. However, the physicochemical properties of peptides make them challenging to administer exogenously, which places a high burden on drug delivery technology selection to successfully achieve the desired response. Various peptide drug delivery systems have been used in clinical and marketed products to overcome the problems associated with exogenous administration of peptide therapeutics. This review details the trends observed pertaining to the delivery of peptides such as changes in the routes of administration, advancements in formulation platforms, patient-centric product design, and various other aspects of peptide delivery.

By Ahil N. Ganesh, Carolyn Heusser, Sudhakar Garad, Manuel Vicente, Sánchez-Félix