Pharmacokinetic evaluation of cefdinir-loaded floating alginate beads in rabbits using LC–MS/MS

Publication: J Pharm Invest


The present investigation aims to compare the pharmacokinetic parameters of Cefdinir in rabbits, from floating alginate (an anionic polysaccharide obtained from cell walls of brown algae) beads and conventional suspension, using a new LC–MS/MS method. Formulations equivalent to 20 mg/kg were administered orally to test and reference group and blood samples were collected at selected time intervals up to 24 h. Plasma concentrations of Cefdinir were determined using validated LC–MS/MS method and pharmacokinetic parameters were derived by non-compartment model. Statistically significant (p < 0.05) increase in Cmax, Tmax, AUC0–∞and MRT was observed in case of floating alginate beads, whereas KE and t1/2 remained relatively constant. MRT and tmax increased significantly as a result of controlled drug release. Relative bioavailability was 337.45 % for the floating beads. Thus, alginate based floating formulation improve the bioavailability (3.37 fold) of Cefdinir compared to suspension. The absorption of Cefdinir from floating beads was found mainly from duodenum (73.0 %) and Jejunum 1 and 2 (13.0 %).