Physiologically based absorption modeling to predict the bioequivalence of two cilostazol formulations

Publication: Clin Transl Sci
Software: GastroPlus®


In vivo pharmacokinetic simulations and virtual bioequivalence (BE) evaluation of cilostazol have not yet been described for humans. Here, we successfully developed a physiologically based absorption model to simulate plasma concentrations of cilostazol. In addition, virtual population simulations integrating dissolution of 0.3% sodium dodecyl sulfate water media were executed to evaluate the BE of test and reference formulations. Simulation results show that test and reference formulations were bioequivalent among 28 subjects, but not nine subjects, consistent with clinical studies. The model proved to be an important tool to show potential BE for cilostazol. This finding may facilitate understanding of the potential risks during the development of generic products.

By Lu Wang, Pengfei Zhao, Ting Luo, Dandan Yang, Qianqian Jiang, Jinliang Chen, Honggang Lou, Zourong Ruan, Bo Jiang