Predictive Dissolution Models for Real-Time Release Testing: Development and Implementation – Workshop Summary Report

Software: DDDPlus™
Division: PBPK


To date, few examples of dissolution models for real-time release testing (RTRT) have been approved for commercial drug products or published in literature. Thus, a structured approach has not been established by which a novice to the field could design, develop, validate, and implement an RTRT dissolution model. Moreover, with scant examples available, there has not been a body of work by which to learn of general regulatory expectations for such models. To address these gaps and to encourage conversation between regulatory and industrial experts on these topics, a virtual (web-based) workshop entitled “Predictive Dissolution Models for Real-Time Release Testing: Development and Implementation” was held November 11–12, 2021. This article summarizes key points from the podium presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions focusing on (1) the current best practices to establish predictive model specifications; (2) designing models to predict the “safe space” of a release test and creating models utilizing process analytical technology (PAT); and (3) exploring the strategy of compliant regulatory submissions, including model validation and post-approval lifecycle management. Industrial case studies were presented showcasing attempted approaches to and successful implementations of RTRT of dissolution for drug product manufacturing.