QSP and Oncology: How QSP Modeling Can Accelerate Therapy Development for Solid Tumors


A major obstacle in drug development is the combinatorial complexity of available oncology therapies under development for solid tumors. Well-built QSP models can offer insight into the prioritization and design of trials in this arena, but the diversity of distinct solid tumor indications presents a significant challenge. Historically, independent development of QSP models for each indication would require years–which does not keep pace with clinical needs.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about a new approach to rapid development of solid tumor models enabled by the creation of a standardized core library of tumor dynamics. Presenters will discuss how this core library offers a foundation for quickly accelerating the development of tissue-specific solid tumor models in the Thales QSP modeling platform, tailored to address the needs of late-phase clinical trials. They will highlight key results from both the NSCLC model and prostate cancer model, and describe how these models can be readily extended to address pressing questions in the solid tumor field.

If your program is focused on developing therapies for solid tumors, this is a can’t-miss webinar.

Presenters: Ryan Suderman, Associate Director/Sr. Principal Scientist & Cameron Meaney, Scientist I
Moderator: Andrew Mueller, Director, Business Development