QSP: The Best Kept Secret for Increasing the Technical Probability of Success in Clinical Trials & Enhancing Regulatory Submissions

Software: DILIsym®

Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) is no longer an “emerging field.” In the 12 years since the term was coined, it has grown rapidly and transformed the way pharmaceutical companies run their drug discovery process. More and more organizations are using QSP to accelerate their development programs, reduce the likelihood of costly clinical trial failures, and enhance their regulatory submissions.

Understanding the power and appropriate application of QSP is critical. In this webinar, Lisl Shoda and Steve Chang will explain the value of QSP in drug development, as well as common and innovative applications. They’ll share case studies of how the use of QSP has influenced decision-making and program direction in a variety of therapeutic areas, including in the liver disease, lung disease, oncology, and autoimmune disease spaces.

Attendees just beginning to consider QSP will learn when they should consider piloting a QSP project, and more experienced QSP users will learn about the expanded range of therapeutic areas now addressed by Simulations Plus QSP models. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real-time from our QSP experts.

By Lisl Shoda, Nate Musser, Steve Chang

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