Rapid Assessment of Data Set Structures

Authors: Vecchione P
Conference: Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group (PharmaSUG)
Division: Cognigen


When SAS® data is received from an external source, such as a sponsor, CRO, or another department, it is important to assess the new data to determine if variables have been added or removed, locate specific variables, and identify missing data in key datasets. Changes in dataset structure can have an impact on existing analysis programs, requiring modifications or creation of new programs, which uses up valuable analysis time. In order to speed up this process and create an efficient way to assess new SAS® datasets, a family of macros has been designed to quickly obtain this information. These macros work for individual datasets as well as for a library of datasets. They rapidly provide output that identifies potential problems, allowing the user to communicate them back to their external source quickly; therefore streamlining the process time from data receipt to final analysis.

Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group (PharmaSUG), Salt Lake City, Utah, May 2002

By Vecchione, P.