Role of Aloe vera juice treatment (Bhavana) in preparation of Shouktik Bhasma

Division: Simulations Plus


Preparation of Shouktik Bhasma (SB) involves intermittent trituration of heated material with Aloe vera juice. The present study is an attempt to understand significance of Bhavana in the process of Bhasma preparation. The powdered material obtained after Shodhana and Marana of Shuktis was subjected to Bhavana with Aloe vera juice and again to Marana. To study the effect of Bhavana, a batch was prepared omitting the Bhavana step. The samples were evaluated by IR, powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) and C. Bhavana was found to prevent formation of CaO probably by interfering with heat transfer and, maintained the product in calcite form. In addition to this it helps in reconversion of Ca(OH)2 to CaCO3 by maintaining CO2 atmosphere as a result of burning of organic components in Aloe vera juice.

By Anant Ketkar, P.P. Borde, H.M. Kadam & Anant Paradkar