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Division: Simulations Plus

Understanding the power and appropriate application of QSP is critical!In this webinar, Lisl Shoda and Steve Chang will explain the value of QSP in drug development, as well as common and innovative applications. They’ll share case studies of how the use of QSP has influenced decision-making and program direction in a variety of therapeutic areas, including in the liver disease, lung disease, oncology, and autoimmune disease spaces.

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Online Learning

  • Advanced GastroPlus® DMPK and Clinical Pharmacology Workshop: Tokyo, Japan
  • Advanced GastroPlus Phamaceutical Development Workshop: Tokyo, Japan
  • Complimentary Introduction to GastroPlus Workshop
  • Complimentary Introduction to GastroPlus Workshop (EU)
  • GastroPlus Advanced Workshop: DMPK and Clinical Pharmacology
  • GastroPlus Application Based DDI Workshops
    • Oct 9th-Nov 10th
  • GastroPlus Advanced Workshop: Pharmaceutical Development
  • Introduction to GastroPlus Workshop
  • Introductory Workshop in Population PK Data Analysis
  • Introductory GastroPlus Workshop: Tokyo, Japan
  • PharmoGo: GastroPlus Modeling and Simulation Workshop
  • Pharmacometrics Modeling & Simulations Using MonolixSuite™: From Introductory to Advanced Concepts and Applications

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25th North American ISSX Meeting Sept. 10th-13th, Boston, MA

2023 ACCP Annual Meeting Sept. 10th-12th, Bellevue, WA

EuroTox 2023 – Sept.10th-13th, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Presentation: Predictive performance of physiologically based kinetic (PBK) models based on in-silico/in vitro- in vivo extrapolation (IS/IVIVE)
  • Presenter: Priyata Kalra

65th Congress of the Polish Chemical Society Sept. 18th-22nd, Torun, Poland

  • Presentation: Application of AIDD for RORgamma nuclear receptors
  • Presenter: Rafal Bachorz

GMP 2023 Symposium (Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique) Oct. 18th-20th, Paris, France

AAPS 2023 PharmSci 360 Oct. 22nd-25th, Orlando, FL

  • Booth #2301
  • Presentations:
    • Presentation: Development of a Quantitative Systems Toxicology Model to Predict Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Pediatrics.
    • Presenter: An Do Dela
    • Presentation: Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Oral Absorption Model to Predict Mucosal Permeability of Oral Cavity Drug Products.
    • Presenter: Priyata Kalra

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