Simulations Plus Launches Corporate Development Initiative

Simulations Plus, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLP) (“Simulations Plus”), a leading provider of modeling and simulation software and services for pharmaceutical safety and efficacy, today provided additional information on advancing its corporate allocation strategy, specifically increased focus on strategic investments and partnerships.

Simulations Plus will actively pursue investments and partnerships in early-stage technology companies aimed at accelerating software and services innovations, increasing technology leadership in computational biology and chemistry, expanding total market opportunity, and identifying potential M&A candidates.

Key investment objectives include:

  1. Enhance Innovation and Adoption of Emerging Technologies: Explore software and services innovation and seek deeper visibility into evolving technologies, including artificial intelligence-driven drug design (AIDD) and development.
  2. Grow M&A Pipeline: Seed investments and partnerships in early-stage companies are expected to broaden the opportunity pipeline and total addressable market (TAM).
  3. Expand Revenue Opportunities: Broaden portfolio offerings through software technology and scientific service partnerships and explore new partner revenue models.
  4. Drive Shareholder Returns: Optimize the combination of organic growth, operating leverage, and strategic M&A to deliver long-term sustainable returns to our stakeholders.

“Our team is very excited to launch this corporate development initiative and formalize our corporate development programs with the flexibility to make strategic investments and form joint partnerships in early-stage companies,” said Will Frederick, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. “Strategic acquisitions to complement organic growth and expand TAM remain a priority, and this corporate development initiative is designed to allow us to reach into relevant technologies for immediate competitive benefit and long-term support of future acquisitions.”

Chief Executive Officer, Shawn O’Connor, added, “As leaders in simulation software and consulting services, our research scientists are uniquely qualified to identify promising new technologies and services that can advance our growth objectives. Many technologies used today were conceived and developed by early-stage companies, and we believe that partnering and investing in high-potential technologies will complement our R&D efforts and keep Simulations Plus at the forefront of innovation.”

Interested parties can obtain more information here.