Simulations Plus Releases KIWI Version 1.5

Software: KIWI™

Simulations Plus, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLP), a leading provider of simulation and modeling software for pharmaceutical discovery and development, today announced that its Buffalo division (Cognigen Corporation) has released Version 1.5 of KIWI™, a private cloud-based platform to efficiently and consistently organize, process, evaluate, and communicate modeling and simulation results.

Mr. David Fox, Senior Software Engineer in the Buffalo division of Simulations Plus, said, “The KIWI development team is focused on creating a collaborative working environment that enhances communications between scientists, development teams and management. Our software team regularly observes the interdisciplinary interactions between our project teams and our clients, and these experiences serve as the blueprint for enhancements to the KIWI program. The release of KIWI Version 1.5 reflects our ongoing commitment to creating an innovative and validated environment in support of modeling and simulation activities.”

Dr. Sébastian Bihorel, Associate Director, Pharmacometrics, added, “This new version of KIWI introduces major enhancements in the functionality of visualization tools offered by the platform. From the perspective of a scientist, the ease of creating plots and comparing them across multiple models greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of model refinement. In addition, analysts can now conveniently copy visualization preferences across projects, improving consistency and facilitating collaboration and communication with clients and colleagues.”

Ted Grasela, President of Simulations Plus, added, “We are excited to continue to add to our visualization module of KIWI. The visualization of data and model results is a valuable way to spark conversations with interdisciplinary teams and a critical step in demonstrating the value of modeling and simulation in team decision-making. We continue to receive positive feedback about the functionality we have implemented in KIWI and look forward to the continuing evolution of the program.”