Simulations Plus Subsidiary, Words+, Inc., Releases Major New Product

Division: Simulations Plus

Words+, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Simulations Plus, Inc.(NASDAQ: SLP – News), today announced the launch of a major new augmentative communication product called Conversa™. Words+, Inc. has been in business since September 1981 as one of the early pioneers in assistive technologies for those who experience various disabilities. Simulations Plus is the leading supplier of simulation and modeling software for preclinical and early clinical pharmaceutical research and development.

Mr. Jeff Dahlen, president of Words+, said: “The new Conversa is based on a state-of-the-art tablet computer with an integrated 12” diagonal touch screen, high quality graphics, and good battery life. We have extended the capabilities of the tablet with our own external package that integrates with the tablet to provide exceptional sound quality and volume in a portable communication device. This product fills a hole in our product line that was created last year when we discontinued our extremely rugged system with a 12” display. That system carried a price tag that was above the Medicare/Medicaid allowable limits. The new Conversa is priced to sell through Medicare and Medicaid funding.”Mr. Gaylon Ponder, national sales manager for Words+, added: “The Conversa is an attractive integration of an existing tablet computer with our own hardware package that neatly blends with the tablet case. Combined with our Say-it! SAM software, this unit provides excellent communication capabilities as well as loud and clear synthetic speech with a variety of voices. Anyone who has tried to carry on a cell phone conversation while in a fast food restaurant knows that communication via an electronic device in some environments requires significant volume and clarity. The new Conversa provides exceptional volume without distortion, and provides a selection of state-of-the-art synthesized voices for adults and children.”

Mr. Ponder continued: “Sales of some of our larger systems have been down while our small PDA-based Say-it! SAM systems have been shipping very well. We expect the Conversa to restore the level of large system sales we had and to exceed the former level. Although our previous unit was one of the most rugged units ever made, it was also one of the most expensive, and it did not fit within the Medicare/Medicaid price constraints. So only those who were able to pay for the system outside of these funding agencies were able to obtain them. We believe that the physical attractiveness and superb functionality of the new Conversa, combined with a price point fitting within Medicare/Medicaid guidelines, will result in a nice recovery of the revenues in this part of the augmentative communication market.”