Synergy Between Two Mechanisms of Action Contributes to Species Differences in the Liver Safety Profile for PF-04895162

Conference: AAPS
Software: DILIsym®
Division: DILIsym Services


The Purpose is to better understand the mechanisms underlying the apparent species differences, between rat and human, when evaluating the liver safety of compound PF-04895162. This case study of PF-04895162 fits into the broader, pharmacology goal of improving the detection of potential liver liabilities prior to the introduction of compounds to the clinic.

By Vinal V. Lakhani1, Grant Generaux1, Yuching Yang, Sashi Nadanaciva, Luping Qiu, Keith Riccardi, Li Di, Brett A. Howell, Scott Q. Siler, Paul B. Watkins, Hugh A. Barton, Michael D. Aleo, Lisl K. M. Shoda

2019 AAPS Annual Meeting PharmSci 360, November 3-6, 2019, San Antonio, Texas