Temperature variability during preparation of Shouktik Bhasma and its consequences

Publication: Indian drugs
Division: Simulations Plus


Development of Bhasma involves complex unit operations including Shodhana, Marana and Bhavana, which need to be optimized to avoid batch-to-batch variations. In the present study attempt has been made to study the heatingstep (Marana) as a source of variation. Shouktik Bhasma (SB) was selected as a model formulation. The variability in temperature cycles was checked by heating the samples in the traditional heating system called Gajaputa. Analysis of the samples was carried out using powder X-ray diffraction technique. It was found that temperature cycle in Gajaputa differed significantly from batch to batch and consequently the composition of the product also changed. Attainment of higher temperatures led to formation of calcium oxide along with calcium carbonate (calcite).

By A. Ketkar, H. Kadam, A. Paradkar