Tools and resources for metabolomics research community: A 2017–2018 update

Authors: Misra BB, Mohapatra S
Publication: Electrophoresis
Software: ADMET Predictor®


The scale at which MS‐ and NMR‐based platforms generate metabolomics datasets for both research, core, and clinical facilities to address challenges in the various sciences—ranging from biomedical to agricultural—is underappreciated. Thus, metabolomics efforts spanning microbe, environment, plant, animal, and human systems have led to continual and concomitant growth of in silico resources for analysis and interpretation of these datasets. These software tools, resources, and databases drive the field forward to help keep pace with the amount of data being generated and the sophisticated and diverse analytical platforms that are being used to generate these metabolomics datasets. To address challenges in data preprocessing, metabolite annotation, statistical interrogation, visualization, interpretation, and integration, the metabolomics and informatics research community comes up with hundreds of tools every year. The purpose of the present review is to provide a brief and useful summary of more than 95 metabolomics tools, software, and databases that were either developed or significantly improved during 2017–2018. We hope to see this review help readers, developers, and researchers to obtain informed access to these thorough lists of resources for further improvisation, implementation, and application in due course of time.