Towards a TREK-1/2 (TWIK-Related K+ Channel 1 and 2) dual activator tool compound: Multi-dimensional optimization of BL-1249

Publication: Bioorg Med Chem Lett.
Software: ADMET Predictor®


This letter describes a focused, multi-dimensional optimization campaign around BL-1249, a fenamate class non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and a known activator of the K2P potassium channels TREK-1 (K2P2.1) and TREK-2 (K2P10.1). While BL-1249 has been widely profiled in vitro as a dual TREK-1/2 activator, poor physicochemical and DMPK properties have precluded a deeper understanding of the therapeutic potential of these key K2P channels across a broad spectrum of peripheral and central human disease. Here, we report multi-dimensional SAR that led to a novel TREK-1/2 dual activator chemotype, exemplified by ONO-2960632/VU6011992, with improved DMPK properties, representing a new lead for further optimization towards robust in vivo tool compounds.