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Jun 14, 2021
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As I think back on 20+ years of lecturing on the population modeling & simulation (M&S) approach, I am simultaneously struck by how much has changed and how much has remained the same.

What’s Changed

  • The use of M&S on the critical path, along with dramatically shorter timelines for modeling, have prompted an emphasis on ways to improve efficiency during M&S execution
  • An increasing number of universities offering curriculum and degree programs in pharmacometrics, together with a much greater availability of publications and examples of successful applications of these methods have brought M&S approaches into the mainstream
  • A diverse toolbox of software programs and platforms now exists with multiple choices available for users of various approaches

What’s Constant

  • The critical role that regulatory agencies play in influencing how these methods are used and viewed by the industry
  • Hunger on the part of students for more than a black box understanding of these methods
  • The value of the experience and insight that comes from partnering with multiple different sponsors on hundreds of development programs and reflecting on and sharing best practices

I cannot emphasize enough how much I have learned from my experience teaching along the way. Listening carefully to the questions of each new group provides a unique insight into different ways to think about these concepts and not only informs better ways to explain them but also sparks new perspectives and deeper understanding. As the trainer, my goal is to explain concepts in a way that fosters understanding and plants seeds that I can only hope will germinate and grow over time as the student leaves the course and moves on to continue exploring the methods, applying and further evaluating what they’ve learned, investigating and playing with their data and models, and pondering the interpretation of new findings based on a deeper understanding. Importantly, I hope that as they generate new questions and hypotheses to be tested, they have the foundational knowledge to pursue the answers.

Cognigen’s highly acclaimed Introductory Workshop on Population PK Methods is now being offered in a virtual format over 5 partial days. I invite you to join us for a fun-filled week of learning and then confirming your understanding through hands-on modeling experiences, engaging breakout sessions, and plenty of “A ha” moments as the concepts click for you. We would love to be part of your pharmacometric educational journey. Please stay tuned for additional offerings which we plan to add throughout 2022 or contact us now if you are interested in a customized curriculum for your team.

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