Translation of drug effects from experimental models of neuropathic pain and analgesia to humans

Publication: Drug Discov Today
Division: Simulations Plus


Neuropathic pain research remains a challenging undertaking owing to: (i) the lack of understanding about the underlying disease processes; and (ii) poor predictive validity of the current models of evoked pain used for the screening of novel compounds. Common consensus is that experimental models replicate symptoms (i.e. have face validity but no construct validity). Another issue that requires attention is the sensitivity of endpoints to discriminate drug effects that are relevant to the disease in humans. In this paper we provide an overview of the pre-clinical models that can be used in conjunction with a model-based approach to facilitate the prediction of drug effects in humans. Our review strongly suggests that evidence of the concentration-effect relationship is necessary for translational purposes.

By Amit Taneja, Vincenzo Luca Di Iorio, Meindert Danhof, Oscar Della Pasqua