What’s New in GastroPlus® v9.8

Authors: Miller N
Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus


GastroPlus® version 9.8 has the most innovative & integrative software improvements to accelerate drug development through collaborations with several large pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. FDA!

Join our Simulation Sciences team for about 25 minutes of real-world applications, demonstrating the NEWEST features, plus a value-packed Q&A session.

Version 9.8 has a special focus on virtual bioequivalence, the NEW intraarticular injection model, enhancements to the Additional Dosage Routes module (ACAT™, OCAT™, and TCAT™ models), and much, much more. Still, you’ll need to register to see it all ahead of the official software release!

Find out how our PBBM PBPK modeling software can support your research and regulatory submissions with Neil Miller, Vice President of Simulation Sciences.