MedChem Studio™

Advanced data mining and molecule design


  • Malaria Project Webinar

    5.3.12 - This webinar by Dr. Robert Clark describes the in silico design, synthesis, and biological testing of novel antimalarial drug candidates generated by analysis of public HTS data. admet predictor medchem studio gastroplus

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When combined with the powerful ADMET Risk™ scoring function in ADMET Predictor™, MedChem Studio now provides chemists with an unprecedented capability to see how changes in molecular structures affect not just one or a handful of properties, but over 140 properties from the industry’s top-ranked property prediction program. No other technology offers as much potential for reducing the time and money required to discover new structures that can become tomorrow’s medicines.

Calculate ADMET properties using an embedded version of the best-in-class ADMET Predictor software. For descriptions of the predicted properties, please consult the ADMET Predictor pages of our website.