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GastroPlus® v9.7 Release Webinar

Molecular Determinants of Cell Permeability Beyond the Rule of 5

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Mechanistic In Vitro Dissolution PBPK Models to Drive Drug Development

In this webinar, DDDPlus™, an in vitro simulation platform focused on providing predictive dissolution & precipitation tools for formulation development, will be presented in conjunction with GastroPlus™ to...

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ADMET Predictor™ v8.5 Webinar – Discover ‘Discovery PBPK’: Efficiently use PBPK modeling to drive lead selection & optimization

In this video, Michael Lawless discusses how to efficiently screen large compound libraries in minutes based on predicted in vivo fraction absorbed (Fa%) or oral bioavailability (F%) in virtual rats...

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Understanding dermal drug disposition using TCAT™ – a novel PBPK model

Scientists from GlaxoSmithKline and Simulations Plus have collaborated to develop a mathematical model, Transdermal Compartmental Absorption & Transit (TCAT™), that allows better understanding of drug penetration through the skin while accounting for the formulation characteristics, evaporation and precipitation effects that influence dermal delivery.

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MembranePlus™ v2 webinar: Stimulate your kinetic understanding…

We are pleased to announce the release of MembranePlus™ v2! This version takes modeling of in vitro systems to the next level, allowing you to capture all relevant information from your experiments.

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Use of oral absorption modelling to characterize drug release and absorption of a BCS II compound from IR formulations

The presentation illustrates the applicability and impact of mechanistic absorption modelling to support oral formulation development and improve the prediction of drug bioavailability from immediate-release formulations.

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GastroPlus™ 9.5 Release Webinar: Something for Everyone

We are pleased to announce the release of GastroPlus™ 9.5! This version has something for all users of our top-ranked PBPK modeling platform.

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ADMET Predictor 8.1: Efficiently handle LARGE data sets

Building off of the successful launch of the redesigned ADMET Predictor 8.0, many substantial enhancements have been made throughout version 8.1 to improve performance.

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Incorporating transporter kinetics into PBPK models

This webinar will focus more on transporters involved in drug distribution and elimination. A brief summary of current information on transporter expression levels will be followed by a description of options for including transporters in the GastroPlus™ PBPK model.

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GastroPlus™ PBPK modeling as a tool to ensure target performance of a generic drug product

For a generic drug, the objective is to develop a formulation/process that would result in the product performance equivalent to that of the reference (innovative) product throughout the product life-cycle.


Application of PBPK Modeling in Generic Drug Evaluation

This GastroPlus™ User Group/FDA webinar provides a few examples of modeling and simulation in the OGD for the purpose of addressing biopharmaceutical performance questions for orally administered generic drug products. View slides from this webinar.