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    Simulations Plus Academics launched in October 2021 as part of our 25th anniversary celebration. This program is the first of its kind from Simulations Plus, and grants cloud access to students and faculty of universities around the globe. Simulations Plus believes that future generations of drug developers should be allowed to use of our world class tools free of charge. In April 2021, we inaugurated our Learning Services Department focused on PBPK modeling and simulation training. This new department is dedicated to providing cutting edge training and resources that can be used along with our free university licenses to further students learning, and provide better outcomes for future patients.

    Our goal is to provide our academic users the tools they need to succeed.

    By completing this form you’ll get access to cloud-based software titles: GastroPlus®, ADMET Predictor®, PKPlus™, DDDPlus™, and MembranePlus™. Access to DILIsym® and MITOsym® is coming soon!

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  • Free academic licenses are limited to (1) per user.  
    • Please make sure to fill out every section for a smoother approval.
    • Academic users are bound by the terms of the Simulations Plus Non Profit agreement found on the next page.
    • Use by Simulations Plus of personal data submitted by an applicant and Academic user is set forth in its privacy policy, By submitting an application for an academic license, the applicant gives consent to Simulations Plus to transfer applicant’s personal data to a Simulations Plus software distributor for purposes of administration of the software application, as applicable.
    • Academic licenses shall not be used in pursuit of any for-profit research, development or in any commercial endeavors.
    • Users found in violation of the nonprofit agreement are subject to barring from the program and/or legal action.
    • Applications are subject to approval, certain geographical and other restrictions apply.
    • Application review may take up to 15 business days.
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