GastroPlus® Introductory Workshop for up to v9.9 (Bundle)
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This learning path includes 10 introductory courses using GastroPlus version 9.9 or earlier.

Courses included in this learning path:

GP101-1OD | Introduction to GastroPlus

GP101-2OD | Solubility, Dissolution, and Precipitation

GP101-3OD | Permeability and Absorption.

GP101-4OD | PBPK Modeling

GP101-5OD | Nonlinear Metabolism and Transport

GP101-6OD | Compartmental PK Modeling

GP101-7OD | PBPK Modeling of Biologics

GP101-8OD | IVIVC and VBE Trials

GP101-9OD | PK/PD Modeling

GP101-10OD | DDI Predictions

All sessions include hands-on examples in the software. If you need access to GastroPlus for this workshop, please reach out to

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Presenters: Georgy Hartman, Suvarchala Avvari, Jeffry Adiwidjaja, Grace Fraczkiewicz, Maxime Le Merdy, Joyce Macwan, Celeste Vallejo, Tarang Vora, Nathalie Toublanc, and Revathi Chapa