Introduction to DDI Predictions (Bundle)
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This learning path includes three introductory courses using GastroPlus version 9.9 or earlier.

Courses included in this learning path:

GP101-1OD | Introduction to GastroPlus

This session provides a general overview of the GastroPlus v9.9 software including main features, introduction to the user interface, and how to run basic simulations.

GP101-5OD | Nonlinear Metabolism and Transport

Nonlinear Metabolism and Transport is the second session in this Introduction to DDI Predictions course. This session includes a general overview of metabolism and carrier-mediated transport. You will learn about the type of input needed and how to incorporate enzymes and transporters in your GastroPlus model.

GP101-10OD | DDI Predictions

DDI Predictions is the third session in this Introduction to DDI Predictions course. By the end of the session you will understand the difference between the steady-state DDI predictions and the dynamic DDI simulations, as well as required inputs for both DDI prediction types. You will practice implementing a DDI scenario in GastroPlus with a hands-on example.

All sessions include hands-on examples in the software. If you need access to GastroPlus for this workshop, please reach out to

If you have already purchased our full 10-session Introduction to GastroPlus on demand, then you already have access to all 3 of these sessions.

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Presenters: Georgy Hartman, Maxime Le Merdy, and Revathi Chapa