Amanda Hong

Associate Director, Data Prg.

Amanda Hong, M.S.
Associate Director, Data Programming

About Amanda
Amanda joined Cognigen Corporation in July 2018 as Assistant Director in the Data Management department. With over 10 years of experience as a clinical/statistical SAS advanced certified  programmer, she has taken part in various projects across preclinical and Phase 1 to Phase 3 areas, building NONMEM datasets and PK/PD analysis-ready datasets to support statistical analysis in PK/PD and simulation modeling. She holds an MS degree in Applied Statistics from Purdue University in Indiana. Prior to Cognigen, she worked for an Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network where she provided effective programming solutions and established complex database structures for various clinic projects including a carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae study and an E. faecium study (Enterococci pathogen hospital-acquired infection); she also worked with Canadian Immunization Research Network.  In 2016, she gained experience at a biopharmaceutical company as a Clinical Statistical programmer where she provided data support on neutropenia and SAE logistic-regression analyses for determination of significant risk factors, ANC-nadir analyses with PK parameters, and efficacy analysis of tumor size in cancer study, and provided PK model deterministic simulation (dataset, summary stats tables, figures, and listings) supporting evidence for the dose and dose regimen of new cancer medications.

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