Cristin Ryman

Cristin Ryman

Office Mgr. & Admin. Coord.
DILIsym Services

Cristin Ryman
Office Manager and Administrative Coordinator
DILIsym Services Division

About Cristin
Cristin joined DILIsym Services as Office Manager and Administrative Coordinator in 2021 bringing over 20 years of administrative knowledge to Simulations Plus, Inc.

Cristin’s first job was as a pharmacy technician during high school before leaving for Barton College. At Barton, she earned a B.F.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography in 2003, just as digital photography was taking over the fine art process. Finding it difficult to obtain darkroom supplies, she shifted photography to the background and accepted a receptionist position at Duke University’s Program in Literature. From Literature, Cristin moved to Information Science + Studies (ISS), a research center that offered an undergraduate certificate in small tech ventures. It was in ISS that Cristin discovered a calling supporting professionals on their career path. She found joy in witnessing students’ inspiration develop into teamwork and assisting them to compose a campus map using then-new Google Earth or travel to Kenya to install a computer lab for female students. At ISS, Cristin coordinated the first-ever podcasting symposium bringing together tech experts from all over the world. Viewing pioneering work through the lens of a behind-the-scenes collaborator gave Cristin a deep sense of satisfaction. After the Great Recession, some aspects of ISS were narrowed and Cristin took that opportunity to become the assistant to the chair for Duke’s Department of Physics. There she donned many hats in support of science explorations and was exposed to a wide range of office management skills that she is proud to transfer to DILIsym. From an early link to pharmaceuticals and seasoned experience around cutting-edge research, things have come full circle for Cristin and she is excited to focus her strengths in SLP’s dynamic environment.

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