Inger M. Darling

Inger M. Darling

Inger M. Darling, PhD
Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology

About Inger
Inger has been at Cognigen Corporation, since 2003 and is presently an Associate Director of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology. Prior to this, she had been a Research Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb in the Department of Biochemical Pharmacology providing preclinical pharmacokinetic support in early drug development and served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Department of Pharmaceutics at the University at Buffalo. She has also served as a Research Scientist with the Dept. of Pharmaceutics at the University at Buffalo.

Inger has over 17 years of experience in quantitative clinical pharmacology. Her current work focuses on providing clinical pharmacology support for diverse drug development programs and using physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation to address development program questions across numerous therapeutic areas. She has co-authored many publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at international meetings in these areas of expertise.

Dr. Darling has a Ph.D in Pharmaceutics from the University at Buffalo and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Allegheny College. She is a member of AAPS, ACCP, and ASCPT.

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