Neil Kaplowitz

Neil Kaplowitz

Neil Kaplowitz, M.D.
University of Southern California

About Neil
Dr. Kaplowitz is a professor of medicine and chief of the Gastrointestinal Division at the Center for Liver Disease Research, University of Southern California. He is also the director of the USC NIDDK-sponsored Research Center for Liver Diseases. Dr. Kaplowitz has received a number of important honors and distinctions including election to membership in the American Society for Clinical Investigation and the Association of American Physicians. He is recipient of the Western Gastroenterology Research Prize, the William S. Middleton Award, and the Solomon A. Berson Medical Alumni Achievement Award in Clinical Science from his alma mater, the Merit Award from the National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Soley Award from WSCI, the AASLD Distinguished Achievement Award, and the ALF Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award.

Dr. Kaplowitz has made pioneering contributions that have helped to elucidate the molecular events that lead to the elimination of drugs and toxic chemicals by the liver, the role of the liver in defense, the regulation of life and death of liver cells and the importance of free radicals and the toxicity of the metabolites of oxygen in the pathogenesis of liver disease. In recent years he has focused on the role of signal transduction, ER and mitochondrial stress in the pathogenesis of liver injury. He has published more than 175 peer-reviewed, scientific articles, 120 scholarly reviews and has edited nine books related to liver diseases.

“This is a very promising venture to model liver injury and inform about pathogenesis and prediction of DILI. We are already seeing progress and anticipate the development of a model which will be of value to academia, industry and regulatory bodies.” 

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