Best Company for Women Award

Authors: Luke L
Division: PBPK

Simulations Plus is excited to announce that we are the recipients of a Comparably Award for “Best Company for Women” in 2022. This award is especially meaningful as it is entirely based on feedback from the last 12 months, provided by our employees themselves. Winners are determined based on a series of 50+ structured and comprehensive workplace questions in nearly 20 core culture categories including, Compensation, Leadership, Professional Development, Work-Life Balance, and Perks & Benefits, to name a few. We are honored to be recognized in the top 5% of companies for women particularly as we continue to foster an environment that supports the growth and advancement opportunities for our female employees. Beyond that, we are thrilled to also be recognized as a choice employer and to have earned an A+ culture score.

Our leadership team at Simulations Plus is committed to creating an environment where all our employees feel valued, supported, and encouraged, and company culture is of utmost importance. In 2022, we conducted an extensive anonymous employee survey on areas such as compensation, benefits, work satisfaction, and professional development. Our HR and leadership teams have been committed to talking with and listening to what our employees had to say and recognizing areas where there are opportunities to provide an even better work experience.

Three highlights of what it’s like to work for Simulations Plus include:

  • Compensation –working with a 3rd party consulting team this past year we conducted a competitive market analysis to gauge our compensation compared to our peers, competitors, and the industry.  From that, we reevaluated and adjusted our compensation structure to position ourselves competitively in the current market.
  • Benefits – benchmarking shows that we are highly competitive in our employee benefits package, but this year we added a new and very important benefit in paid parental leave. Our parental leave policy provides a full 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and 4 weeks of paid paternity available to all employees. We also offer a 401K matching program, company paid short-term, long-term disability, and life insurance plans, and heavily company sponsored PPO and HSA plans.
  • Work-Life balance – We offer fully remote work and very generous sick and flexible time off plans which allow our employees greater flexibility in managing their workday and allows them to maintain the work-life balance they desire.

This award, and our employee retention rates are a testament that we as a company are headed in the right direction. The leadership at Simulations Plus continues to encourage open and honest feedback from all our employees and ongoing conversations about what next steps can be taken to continue to improve the overall employee experience.

We pride ourselves on supporting not only our female colleagues in their professional development but women in the industry as a whole.  Each year, we host a Women in Science Roundtable during our Model Informed Drug Discovery conference (MIDD+) to explore the challenges and discuss topics that have a significant impact on women within the scientific pharmaceutical industry. Year after year this is one of our most popular sessions. At MIDD+ 2023 we will be giving out “The Outstanding Woman in Science” award, which recognizes exceptional and outstanding achievement by a distinguished female scientist in the area of modeling and simulation. Female scientists and researchers with recognized novel contributions that have impacted the field of quantitative pharmacology and helped to advance the implementation of modeling and simulation approaches in the improvement of patient health are eligible. Simulations Plus aims to empower women in science and understands that representation matters. Recognizing that getting women interested in science starts at a young age, Simulations Plus also recently donated $25,000 to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit whose mission is to close the gender gap in technology.

As a company, we know the challenges women face in the business world and particularly in STEM fields, and as such receiving this recognition from the women in our company is a huge highlight in our year. Simulations Plus is grateful to have received this award for “Best Company for Women” and would like to thank Comparably for providing a platform where our employees can provide valuable feedback about our organization. As we close the chapter on 2022, we will certainly remember and appreciate this acknowledgment, and we eagerly await to see what 2023 has in store for our employees and our company.

Simulations Plus is actively recruiting for a variety of roles worldwide. To learn more about the open opportunities, please visit the Simulations Plus careers page at,

By Lindsay Luke, Executive Director, Human Resources