Delivering on the promise of AI-driven drug discovery with ADMET Predictor® 10 (APX). Background and applications examples

Software: ADMET Predictor®
Division: Simulations Plus


Dr. Marvin Waldman will present a brief background behind generative chemistry applications and their relevance to ADMET Predictor® (APX). He will also demonstrate with the software; application examples of using AIDD for compound optimization towards specific endpoints.

In 60-minutes we’ll cover:
– Performing AI-driven compound optimization
– Understanding the Pareto front for compound selection
– Analyzing results from AIDD runs
– and more!

Michael Lawless, Sr. Principal Scientist, David Miller, Vice President of Cheminformatics, and Eric Jamois, Director of Business Development, will be available for questions during the live Q&A session!

By Marvin Waldman, Michael Lawless, David Miller

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