GastroPlus® v9.8.1 DDI Standards Update and Documentation Project

Software: GastroPlus®


This webinar will be an introduction to the “GastroPlus DDI Standards Update” project. This project is an extensive review of our current DDI Standards in order to update and document the input sources and assumptions for all of the substrates and perpetrators included in the GastroPlus (GP) library.

This update will include NEW inhibition and induction mechanisms of perpetration for both enzymes and transporters. In addition to a limited number of records for each standard in the GastDDIStandards database, each one of the DDI standards will be accompanied by a FULL GP database, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and MS-Word report.

The 60-minute webinar will also provide a summary of the NEW mechanisms added to Midazolam, Ketoconazole, Gemfibrozil, and Rifampicin.

By Michael Bolger

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