March 2022 Gastroplus Newsletter

Software: GastroPlus®
Division: Simulations Plus

We continue to offer a wealth of online workshops and webinars that should be of interest to the GastroPlus community.  Please join us:

In addition to virtual meetings, we have expanded our upcoming attendance at face-to-face conferences.  Many of my colleagues will be in person at ACS, SOT and Drug Discovery Chemistry, while I will be hosting our booth at AAPS NERG in April. Please stop by at any of the conferences…. we would love to see you in-person.

  • Conferences
    • ASCPT 2022 Annual Meeting – March 16-18
    • ACS Spring National Meeting – March 20-24
      • Michael Lawless to present in a Thought Leader Session, “AI-driven Lead Discovery
      • Marv Waldman to present, “Building a machine learning model for tautomer prediction
    • SOT Annual Meeting & Tox Expo – March 27-31
      • Brett Howell and John DiBella will host a March Madness Lunch and Learn event titled “Simulations Plus Software Tools Enable Accurate Exposure & Safety Assessments” on March 28th at noon.
      • Visit us in the booth (# 1027)
    • AAPS Drug Transporters in ADME – April 11-13
    • Drug Discovery Chemistry – April 18-21
    • QSPC – April 20-22
    • AAPS NERDG – April 22
    • ARVO Annual Meeting – May 1-4
    • AAPS National Biotechnology Conference – May 9-12

Lastly, we continue to invite anyone seeking to join our exciting and growing company to visit our Careers page and apply.  We would welcome the chance to talk with you anytime to describe the outstanding team of people that make up the Simulations Plus family.

As always, let me know if you do need any help to increase the use, utility and understanding of GastroPlus, we stand ready to help! Send me a note and I will respond.

By Dan O’ Connor