New Graph Library

New Graph Library

A new graph library that provides the right graphs at the right time and with the right information has been developed by Cognigen Corporation, a leading provider of pharmacometric analysis and support services. Comprehensive graphical exploratory data analysis is essential to building pharmacometric models of drug behavior. Previously, deciding which graphs were required to describe the data and then creating a new program for each graph consumed excessive time from both scientists and programmers.

Data management professionals at Cognigen assessed approximately 1600 graphs from 70 projects to identify those graphs that were used in 80% or more of modeling projects. They organized the graphs by study design characteristics and analysis type, and then developed templates, standards, and documentation so that these graphs could be generated automatically when selected by pharmacometric scientists from a graph library manager. The result is that the scientist will not have too many or too few graphs—or the wrong graphs—to thoroughly explore and understand the data before modeling begins.

According to Monika Sokolowski, assistant director of data management at Cognigen, the graph library will considerably shorten the time to create graphs for exploratory data analysis. “We have determined which graphs tell the story of the data, and we have written automated programs to produce these graphs efficiently,” Sokolowski said. “The graphs have a customized look and clearly articulate the features of the data,” she added.

Chief Scientific Officer Jill Fiedler-Kelly commented, “Starting a modeling effort before fully visualizing and understanding the data invariably results in surprises and delays. Using the new graph library will not only streamline the process, but will make our analyses more consistent and reproducible.”

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