Optimism in a time of pessimism.

Optimism in a time of pessimism.

Back in 1974, Stewart Brand’s advice was to “stay hungry, stay foolish,” as a way of bringing a beginner’s mind to new challenges. He still follows that advice, and he now says, “The phrase allows you to open your mind and explore. It means putting aside the explanations provided by social constructs and ideologies.”

Brand is a biologist, political activist, and former editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, which has been described as the internet before there was an internet. In a recent interview in the online magazine The European, Brand offers his optimistic view of the future of humanity in spite of predictions of global apocalypse. He says, “We need a combination of confidence and curiosity. It is a form of deep-seated opportunism that goes to the core of our nature and is very optimistic. I haven’t been killed by my foolishness yet, so let’s keep going, let’s take chances.”

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