Simulations Plus Offers Rapid Response COVID-19 Research Initiative

Division: Simulations Plus

Simulations Plus, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLP), the leading provider of modeling and simulation solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemicals, and consumer goods industries, today announced the establishment of the StrategiesPlus™ COVID-19 ACT Program to speed consulting assistance to any organization involved in coronavirus research.

“As a company, we are adjusting our standard business priorities and schedule to prepare to provide immediate support for pharmaceutical research and development efforts,” said Dan O’Connor, Director of Business Development for Simulation Sciences. “Our scientists are eager to help teams expedite solutions to address the COVID-19 virus.”

As part of this initiative, each division of Simulations Plus will provide specialized expertise which will contribute to developing safe and effective treatments. Integrated solution offerings include:

  • Mechanistic GastroPlus® pulmonary simulations to investigate alternative dosing modalities (inhalation, oral, and various parenteral routes) and optimize dosing to target lung exposure
  • Application of GastroPlus modeling and simulation data in regulatory reports to support repurposing strategies or drug product quality claims (e.g., safe prescribing of higher strength medications)
  • Utilization of the quantitative systems toxicology (QST)/pharmacology (QSP) models from DILIsym to predict potential liver toxicity risk, efficacy potential for pulmonary injury-related pathophysiology, or efficacy potential for cardiac injury-related pathophysiology of drug candidate treatments for COVID-19
  • Semi-mechanistic drug and disease modeling and simulation support, including implementation of state-of-the-art viral dynamics models developed at Cognigen, for clinical and strategic decision making and regulatory submissions
  • Comprehensive Clinical Pharmacology consulting for drug development and regulatory interaction

Shawn O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Simulations Plus, added: “Working together with pharmaceutical companies, universities, and government agencies, we can speed the virtual candidate evaluation pipeline and/or drug repurposing assessments to improve predictions of clinical outcomes, drive research priorities, and accelerate regulatory approval. We stand ready to help in any way useful to effectively solve this pandemic.”